Jabberwocky Dragons

Breeders of Extraordinary Bearded Dragons

We are a small breeder focused on creating extraordinary Bearded Dragons with strong genetic lines.  Our lines include various leatherback strains (including both Italian and Belgium), stunning silkbacks, high-grade translucents, 20 clear-nailed hypos, and brilliantly colored reds, oranges, and yellows.  All of our dragons come from top breeders across the country and we ensure that all offspring are from healthy outcrosses.

We have also begun expanding our ball python collection and expect to offer several clutches in early 2014 along with a pastel pied clutch in early 2013.  All of our snakes were carefully selected from top breeders with meticulous attenion paid to choosing animals of only the highest quality.

At Jabberwocky Dragons, our animals come first and are well taken care of with the best food, custom built habitats, and plenty of personal attention.  Please look around the site and contact us if you have any questions or are interested in one of our dragons or pythons.  We also welcome and encourage ANY husbandry questions, even if you did not purchase from us... we firmly believe the animals come first.

Red Bearded Dragon