Shipping & Payment Information

We are now shipping through FedEx with Ship Your Reptiles.  All packages are shipped using FedEx Next Day Priority.  All packages are dropped off directly at a FedEx World Ship Center located at a major airport so your new pet spends as little time as possible in its shipping container.  There are two major reasons why we use Ship Your Reptiles instead of our own label:
1)      Ship Your Reptiles is a major shipper with volume discounts so we are able to purchase labels for cheaper and correspondingly charge less for shipping.


2)      Most importantly, Ship Your Reptiles has their own personal, high-level customer service rep from FedEx who is able to quickly locate any packages delayed by a carrier delay and ensure they get the utmost attention in being delivered promptly.  Anyone shipping on their own label must go through normal Fed Ex customer service (and their endless phone tree) in order to track a delayed package.  Carrier delays are very rare but do occasionally happen.  Even though we have no control over a delay, we do guarantee live delivery even in the event of a carrier delay.


Most packages are delivered by 10:30am to most areas.  While we do offer residential delivery, it is preferable to have the dragons held for pickup at your local hub but it is entirely your choice.  Having the dragons held for pickup ensures they are not bounced around in a truck and also allows you to pick up your new pet as soon as the Fed Ex location is open (usually by 9am) rather than waiting by the door for a delivery.  Some rural areas do not have a guaranteed by 10:30am delivery time so we are only able to offer “hold for pick-up”, not home delivery, if you live in one of these later delivery zones.  We regret this inconvenience but your new pet’s health and safety are always our #1 priority.

We do not charge box fees and never charge extra for hot or cool packs. Your new pet will arrive nice and snug in an insulated shipping container designed to transport live animals but we still do not want to risk any animals’ lives and will not ship in temperatures above 85 degrees or below 40 degrees.


We accept payment through PayPal and Postal Money Orders.  Please talk with us to ensure your desired dragon is available before sending any funds.  If using PayPal, your name, email address, and mailing address must be the same as the information listed on your PayPal account.  We regret the inconvenience but this is the only way to combat growing PayPal fraud.  It should only take ~30 seconds to update the information on your PayPal account.  If sending a Postal Money Order, please send us a tracking number so we can have place your dragon on hold.

We do offer payment plans on certain orders.  A 25% non-refundable deposit (minimum $50) is required to hold a dragon with full payment needed within 30 or 60 days depending upon the purchase.