Terms and Guarantee

Terms and Guarantee Summary

When you buy from Jabberwocky Dragons, you are buying top quality and we fully stand behind our animals 100%.   We do not ship dragon babies until they are at least 6” long and are eating powerhouses. We do not list ball pythons for sale until after they have taken at least three meals.

This summary is meant to give a quick overview of our terms of service and your guarantees when you buy your new pet from us.  This summary is in no way a replacement for reading through all of the terms below the summary.  Buying an animal indicates acceptance of these terms.


  • We guarantee live delivery, even in the event of a carrier delay.
  • We provide a 48 hour health guarantee.
  • We guarantee the sex of ball pythons but there is no gender guarantee on bearded dragons less than 10’’.  We are still very accurate in sexing smaller bearded dragons.
  • You must be home for delivery on the first attempt or pick up the held animal from your FedEx Center by 10:00am.  We must be notified within 1 hour of delivery or 1 hour of pick up regarding the status of the animal or all guarantees are null and void.


Live Arrival Guarantee

We fully guarantee live arrival, even in the event of a carrier delay.  If in the unfortunate and extremely rare circumstance that your animal arrives dead (DOA), we will refund your purchase price (the shipping charge will be converted to site credit) or we will send you another dragon or python of equal or greater value.  The animal does not need to be shipped back to us (please don’t) but a few pictures will need to be taken by our direction to ensure to us that the dragon is truly dead and for identification so do not dispose of it until we give the ‘okay’.  Animals that are $400 and over will need a quick video taken per our directions as pictures can be easily doctored.  Unfortunately, it is not uncommon now for con-artists to claim DOA’s in order to get a refund or free animal when the animal arrived in perfect health.  This documentation step is necessary to ensure prices can be kept as low as possible for all customers and for our piece of mind that our dragons are going to good homes.
Notification of Arrival

All deliveries must be signed for by an adult on the first try or the animal must be picked up at your designated Fed Ex ship center by 10:00 am. If there is a carrier delay, we will still honor the live arrival guarantee, but you must be home on the first delivery attempt whenever that might be, even it is later that day or the next. It is our responsibility to get the dragon to you alive and in good health but it is your responsibility to be home to receive it. You must call or email us within 1 hour of delivery or pickup to let us know the animal’s status. If the phone cannot be answered by us, then a voicemail must be left regarding the dragon’s status.  Failure to meet any of the obligations in this section renders all guarantees null and void.


Health Guarantee

We provide a 48 hour health guarantee for your new pet that starts after arrival.  If you believe your new pet is acting ill before the 48 hour deadline, you have the option of shipping it back using Ship Your Reptiles and we will refund the purchase price minus shipping charges.  However, we do not provide refunds for buyer’s remorse so you will need to consult with us first, before sending it back, to investigate what is wrong with the animal.  Bringing an animal into your home is a big commitment so please make sure you are ready before buying.  Please note that any animal listed as “$___ shipped” includes your shipping charge and this charge would be deducted from a refund.  The same case applies to large orders where we pay for shipping. We may send you another dragon or python of equal or greater value instead of a refund but this option is at our discretion.  We will not, for any reason, ever ship an animal that we believe is ill or unhealthy.  All animals we ship will be eating and growing excellently.  Occasionally, despite unlimited quality food and plenty of space, small nips may sometimes happen with hatchling bearded dragons.  We absolutely discount nips but we are not responsible for tail nips that are so tiny that they are not immediately obvious even with an examination (nips ~1/16” or less).  Extended health guarantees are available for no additional cost on a case-by-case basis.  Let us know when placing your order if you are interested in one.
Following Care Sheets

We want you to be as happy as possible with both your new pet and buying from us so we always do our best to make this happen. Remember that new animals may take a few days or longer to adjust to their new environment.  Please closely read and follow the care sheets on this site and do not put your animal in an enclosure or rack with any other animals for at least 60 days (always quarantine new animals).  Failure to follow the applicable care sheet or practice proper quarantine procedure voids the health guarantee with no exceptions.  Contact us immediately if your pet is acting funny so we can discuss the next best mode of action.  Often times, it is a simple fix such as the wrong food type/size being offered or something wrong with the habitat.  We are always available to assist you with any concerns or problems you may encounter during the lifespan of your dragon or python.  Please note that while we try our best to sex accurately (and are very accurate), gender cannot be guaranteed on bearded dragons less than 10’’.  Gender is always 100% guaranteed on ball pythons.
Paying with PayPal

Unfortunately, online scams involving PayPal are growing.  If paying with PayPal, we can only ship to the address listed on your account.  You must be the person on the PayPal account as well as use the email associated with the account to communicate with us.  It only takes ~30 seconds to update your account with a new mailing or email address.  We also accept other payment options besides PayPal that do not have the same restrictions.

 Payment Plans

We do offer payment plans on certain orders.  A 25% non-refundable deposit (minimum $50) is required to hold a dragon with full payment needed within 30 or 60 days depending upon the purchase.

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time and without notice. However, notice and original terms will be given to customers who purchased a dragon and are awaiting shipment.